Prejudices and Me

You probably noticed there have been a lot of instances in US history where prejudices play I key role in politics.

Some wars were started because prejudices against another race (among other reasons….) such as the American Civil War or WWII. And even now, people are standing up against prejudices against black people and homosexuals.

But I stand on this topic in a peculiar, overlooked area on this subject. One thing that I want you to understand is that tolerance is not an American virtue. Hard work, innovation, those are American virtues, but tolerance isn’t. Naturally, I’m a very prejudice person. I grew up in a prejudice background, but I made a decision not to be judgmental and have worked to achieve that goal. So why is what I’m saying important? Because you shouldn’t hold people to a requirement of not being racist or sexist or whatever, because they have a right to be judgmental as long as there is no harm to one’s rights. Prejudice can be taken too far, as many of us have seen, but acts against it–such as protests–can also get out of hand.

These are just a few thoughts…



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