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Y’Don Been Sick

So sorry for long delays I’ve kinda been sick. In fact, I still am.

Still looking for my tumblr? Trouble setting it up has given way to me just saying “look up Spontaneous Combustions” it’ll be there soon enough. Thanks for sticking by me guys!


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New Year ’16

Happy New Year all!
No art yet, dang system won’t allow pictures from my phone. Anyway, to start off the new year I will announce that I’m moving to tumblr. This is because WordPress is really designed for building a full-fledged website, not a dinky  art blog. That being said, it can be extremely complicated to navigate around the tools. That’s all for now guys!

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January 1, 2016 · 2:52 pm

Not Dead Yet!

So sorry everyone, I’ve been so busy this past month with life I haven’t updated. I’m still alive friends! I’ve been working on my next project, which will still come out. The reviews are being written and I’m studying comic making and animation! Meanwhile, I’ll be updating the website accordingly. Thanks for staying loyal!

Have a preview of my next project:


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Oh no!

No art this week, sorry! I’ll work on it next week!

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Happy Hallow’s Eve

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In the Makinara Valley

A shadow lay upon the field

Of Makinara Valley

And did the night hound conceal

In tall, dark grass.

The pitch black blur crossed the field

A coat as dark as a deep abyss

The loyal weeds dare not reveal

The animal as plain as day.

All secrets of that field

Lay hidden among the green

A trusty shield

For those who fear to be seen.

Just then, a streak of light

Over the horizon shown

The furry beast there did lie

Fast asleep.


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Comic 03


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August 28, 2015 · 1:57 pm